Media – Water for Injection (WFI) System

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Media – Water for Injection

By extending the high quality steam generating system, System MPS, with a condenser system, sterile water of the quality “Water for Injection” can be produced. For smaller plants, condensation is carried out with cooling water according to the MFI system. For larger plants, plants with integrated energy recovery prove to be viable, either through multi-stage evaporation according to the MWM system or with vapour recompression according to the MWC system. The two processes are shown in the following two diagrams.

Advantages and functions

  • Safe and robust generation of “Water for injection” according to pharmacopoeia for beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Stainless steel in areas in contact with the product
  • Feasibility studies and concept selection
  • Specific boundary conditions (pharmacopoeia, TA-Luft, ATEX, GMP / FDA, DGRL, …)
  • Batch operation and continuous operation
  • Options:
    • Can be combined with MPS systems and feed water conditioning MWT
    • CIP
    • Manual operation up to automation
    • Modular and mobile system


Technical description

Conditioned feed water is preheated with E11 and fed into the evaporator E01 where it is mostly evaporated. After droplet separation, the pure steam is condensed in the preheater E11 and condenser E12 and cooled to the desired temperature.

To save energy, multi-stage evaporation can be carried out according to the MWM system with heat exchangers E01 to E04, which are heated with the vapours from the preliminary stage after the first evaporator stage E01.

Alternatively, the energy saving can also be achieved according to system MWC by vapour recompression in an evaporator.

Optional sampling according to EN285 is possible.

Technical specification

Feed water < 10 to 1.000 m3/h
Conductivity <10 µS/cm for condensate (pharmacopoeia compliant)
Heating medium Process specific
Cooling medium Process specific
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