Innovation statement

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Our innovation statement

The corosys technologies group is an owner-managed company with a long-term, sustainable strategy and leading technological and qualitative objectives “Made in Germany”.

This includes systematic innovation projects with our customers and leading universities, which have already led to patented new developments. The following projects, among others, are currently in progress:

  • CO2-recovery
  • Improved energy efficiency of dealcoholisation
  • Film evaporator for wider operating range of pressure and temperature and shorter residence times
  • Use of mechanical vapour compression to save energy

Our modular test systems

Especially our modular test apparatuses and systems, which are used for “state of the art” customer process validation and further development directly at the customer or by corosys with our own service partners, are the basis for innovations and further developments. We provide our customers with standard modules for the following process steps:

  • Falling film evaporation (low viscosity products)
  • Thin film evaporation (low and high viscosity products)
  • Short film evaporation (high viscosity products)
  • Rectification
  • Stripping & Absorption

In addition, for specific customer processes, further or adapted process steps can also be individually coordinated. We encourage you to contact us for further information.

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