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Degassing & absorpation – concept & selection

We at corosys build desorptions (degassing) and absorptions, often in combination with condensation processes, for a variety of applications in the beverage, food and chemical-pharmaceutical industries.

We have developed special know-how especially for the following areas:

  • Degassing of liquid, especially with the patented two-stage vacuum degassing process without the need for stripping gas and vapors
  • Targeted fractionation and recovery of waste gases or vapors
  • Absorption and condensation of exhaust gases for which the desired process conditions cannot be achieved using conventional condensers or scrubbers, and for which optimized process alternatives such as mixed condensation are selected and implemented

The main processes for degassing and absorption are shown in the following flyers in this section. For a more detailed view and selection we are looking forward to your contact.

Feasibility studies are possible for the development of non-standardised processes, and customer trials with test modules can also be carried out to validate the processes.

In addition, both the known and the newly developed processes are reviewed with our customers for possibilities of energy saving as well as resource-saving plant cleaning as part of our engineering. Examples are given in the Applications section.

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