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Media – Pure steam & ultrapure steam

The high-quality steam generation system MPS is used for pyrogen-free and sterile generation of pure steam and ultrapure steam in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry according to pharmacopoeia.

Advantages and functions

  • Safe and robust pure steam generation in highest quality according to pharmacopoeia for beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Stainless steel in areas in contact with the product
  • Feasibility studies and concept selection
  • Specific boundary conditions (pharmacopoeia, TA-Luft, ATEX, GMP / FDA, DGRL, …)
  • Batch operation and continuous operation
  • Options:
    • Can be combined with MPS systems and feed water conditioning MWT
    • CIP
    • Manual operation up to automation
    • Modular and mobile system


Techncal description

Conditioned feed water is pumped into the sump of flash tank A01 and flows together with the existing hold-up to the corosys natural circulation evaporator E01. In the vaporizer E01 with optimized double tubes which are required for ultrapure steam, the water is partially vaporized and flows as a gas/liquid mixture back into the separator A01. The partial evaporation creates a airlift pump effect, thus accelerating the water flow and ensuring hygienic flow conditions.

In the separator A01 the gas-liquid mixture separates into the liquid stream, which flows downwards into the separator sump and is further pumped around in a targeted manner, and the vapour stream flowing upwards. At the top of the separator a mist eliminator specifically dimensioned for the application is provided, which ensures the separation of any entrained liquid droplets for the required vapour quality.

In addition, a periodic partial draining of the sump is provided to avoid accumulation of impurities and thus ensure steam quality.

Optional sampling according to EN285 is possible.

Technical specification

Feed water < 10 to 1.000 m3/h
Conductivity <10 µS/cm for condensate (pharmacopoeia compliant)
Heating medium Process specific
Cooling medium Process specific
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