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Static mixer

The corosys static mixer CSM is ideal for applications which require a high mixing quality and at the same time very gentle and fast homogenization conditions of liquids or suspensions, e.g. for the homogenization of yeast in beer for the bottle fermentation.

The compact and maintenance-free design made of stainless steel or higher quality materials, the consistent hygienic design and the high efficiency for a wide throughput spectrum is unique for specific applications in the beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

For the optimized use of the static mixer, corosys offers a comprehensive service for the customer from support in the customer-specific design of the mixer to complete and automated package units around the mixer, e.g. wort aeration or yeast dosing.

Advantages and functions

  • Helical multilayer elements, especially for gentle laminar mixing with low shear forces of liquids or suspensions 

  • Highly efficient mixing and mass transfer

  • Minimized pressure drop

  • Numerous applications, e.g. yeast homogenization or dispersions

  • Standardized static mixers with customer- and application-specific consulting and conception

  • Hygienic design, fully SIP/CIP compatible

  • No maintenance requirements, no moving parts, no seals, robust and compact

  • Numerous options, e.g:

    •   Weld ends or flange design for all typical flanges in the beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry

    • Temperature-controlled version

    • Feed dosing of the second medium to be mixed in via injector

Technical description

The liquid or suspension flows longitudinally through the static mixer and is repeatedly divided into several partial flows by the static mixer elements. Due to the very high partial flow generation with respective remixing, a very high homogeneity is achieved with at the same time gentle conditions such as low shear forces and pressure losses. After the static mixer, the piping is continued in the inlet diameter with a homogeneously mixed medium.

In many applications a specific length Lm/D of 5 is sufficient, see orange curve, to achieve a homogeneous mixture. Due to the short specific length and the design, the pressure loss can be minimized at the same time, see blue curve for a yeast homogenization application. In laminar processes (Re <100), the resulting shear forces are sometimes significantly lower than in upstream and downstream pumps and valves.

CIP/SIP: The CIP is carried out lengthwise through the static mixer. In the case of lateral feed dosage, it is recommended to clean the feed inlet with the CIP solution via a bypass and then sterilize it with steam (SIP). The hygienic design ensures long CIP/SIP-free intervals.

Technical Specifications

Min. pressure
ca. 2 barg liquid
Application range Flow range up to 1.000 hl/h 1)
Diameter up to DN 150 1)
Materials 1.4301 or higher graded materials such as e.g. alloys, titanium
Process connections Welded ends or flanges according to customer specifications (DIN, ANSI, etc.)

1) Individual design of diameter, length and flow rate for the respective customer application

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Contact Engineering.
Dr. Lukas Karst
Dr. Lukas Karst
Project Engineering

Phone: +49 6122 / 70 75 - 0
Email lukas.karst@corosys.com