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About us

corosys Gebäude

corosys chemical & pharma technology was founded in late 2001 by partners with extensive experience in the field of process and chemical engineering, initially as a division of corosys Prozeßsysteme und Sensoren GmbH and today as a subsidiary of the corosys technologies GmbH group.

The focus of the corosys technologies group was and is the development and delivery of complete process systems and process engineering plants “Made in Germany” including service, expansions and optimizations. This line is continuously developed further by the three subsidiaries for the beverage, food and chemical & pharmaceutical industries using mutual synergies and above all in close cooperation with our customers:

  • corosys beverage technology GmbH & Co. KG
  • corosys dairy & food technology GmbH & Co. KG
  • corosys chemical & pharma technology GmbH & Co. KG



From humble beginnings, we have developed into an international and global provider of process systems and process plants.

Today, we can look back on very successful years with, in some cases, far above-average growth, in which corosys was able to establish itself as a leading manufacturer in key product areas.

This is evidenced both by the large number of over 1000 installed systems in more than 65 countries worldwide, as well by some outstanding projects that characterize the growth and development of the company.

corosys´ erste Anlage


2001 Incorporation of corosys Prozeßsysteme und Sensoren GmbH by Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Dittrich and Dr.-Ing. Matthias Stumpf


August, business goes into operation, first projects acquired and realized in Germany and Europe
2004 Team already consists of 5 people
2007 Delivery of the complete process system portfolio for one of the world’s largest green field brewery projects in Middle America
2007-2009 Delivery of process systems and the complete automation software for a 3 million hl/year green field brewery project in Russia
2008-2010 Process Engineering and delivery of key components for one of the largest Bio-Ethanol distillation plants in Germany
2010 Purchase of the current companies headquarter building in Hofheim Germany
2011 Acquisition of M&L Engineering GmbH, founded 1998, a technology leader in evaporation process technology
2012 First system delivered in the US to Avery Brewing Co., Boulder, Colorado
2013 Incorporation of corosys Mexico S.A. de C.V.
2014 Expansion of the company premises and facilities by 8000 m²
2019 Machine with serial number 1000 put in operation at the Brewery Wittmann in Landshut, Germany
2019 Acquisition of a 3.8 million euros project, biggest order so far for a evaporation plant at a German dairy company
2020 Implementation of corosys group structure with subsidiaries in the areas of beverage, dairy & food and chemical & pharma as a basis for further growth in close contact with our customers
2022 Ausbau Ladensäuleninfrastruktur auf 8 Ladesäulen
2023 Übernahme und Renovierung Industriehalle in der Werner-von-Siemens-Str.
2024 Gründung corosys SEA in Kambodscha


We want to continue to grow in the future, to develop new products and to expand our existing customer base. To this end, we are systematically investing in development, sales, infrastructure and primarily in our existing and new employees.